Fitten 4

4 weeks Online Personal Fitness Program

$100 SGD

Fitten 12

12 weeks Online Personal Fitness Program

$300 SGD $250 SGD

/ 12 weeks
(You save 20 sgd per 4 weeks)
    • A certified fitness coach will be assigned to you over our interactive membership-only web application
    • Provision of real-time nutritional advise based on individual eating habits
    • Weekly customized R2Bw training plans based on your fitness level and coach based assessment
    • ​Real-time interactions to receive motivation and tips from coach through an online chat app
    • Nutri-graphics - Weekly feed of bite-sized visual health and nutrition inforgraphics
    • Food Basket : our experts have already researched and created a healthy shopping list for you. Browse through the extensive food / ingredients lists to make your next supermarket trip a breeze!
    • Priority queue for ​free bootcamps and events
    • Exclusive member discounts to our E-commerce store

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Whats happens after I sign up? 

What kind of training will I receive ?

Do I need to visit the gym ?

Why is the pricing so much cheaper than hiring a personal trainer?

Where can I get the resistance bands ?