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Hassle-free Healthy Eating

Eating Right has Never Been Easier

  • S.M.A.R.T. system
  • No food logging. No calorie counting

Snap  & Message Advisory via Real-Time (SMART) system offers you with an easy to manage platform by simply snapping (or texting) daily meals to coaches. You will receive real-time nutritional advice tailor made towards your very own eating habits. 

... through smart technology and messaging systems

Designed For On-the-go Engagement

Stay Motivated Towards Achieving your Fitness Goals

Have problems fulfilling your fitness commitments? Not to worry, with our on-the-go messaging system, your personal coach will be in touch with you at every step of the way.

Fully Customized Workouts

Maximum Gains*, even from the Comfort of your Home

Experience FITtener.com's revolutionary R2Bw training system! Looking to pack on more muscles or achieve that slim waistline, we have a plan specially tailor-made for you!

Introducing The R2Bw* System

A specially crafted blend of resistance bands and bodyweight training regime

Resistance Bands - The Ultimate Alternatives to Free Weights

These bands can reach up to resistances of 20 kgs. A sure way to feel the burn in every workout! Let us craft out the best regime for you!

A Comprehensive fitness program made in singapore

Your FITNESS SPACE - Dedicated Online Membership Web Application Login 

Login instantly via any device. Here, you will gain access to your tailor-made, weekly uploaded training plans which stream impeccably with detailed pictures and instructional videos. The "Food Basket" section shows a specially curated list of nutritional food and snacks by our in-house nutrition specialist that are easily obtainable from any leading supermarkets. Stay updated with our health and fitness articles and browse through our online store to receive member's-only discounts.   

Watch High Quality Instructional Videos from ANY Device

Your personal coach, who has access to hundreds of online R2Bw workouts, will pick and design a training plan specially for you and your fitness level. These plans change weekly as per close interaction and feedback so as to help you progress in the safest and most efficient manner.  

We've got your fitness journey covered, every step of the way.

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Personalised Training

  • Specially crafted weekly R2Bw plan for you by our trainer
  • You will experience the unique blend of plyometrics, calisthenics and resistance band exercises
  • Purely home-based workouts. You don't need to visit the gym at all.
  • Resistance bands that have multi-tiered levels of resistances, ranging from 5kgs to 18kg (or even more) that can suit exactly to your level of fitness . These bands are as effective as ploughing through the weights in a gym. Read more >>
  • Our trainer will craft out your weekly training plans to help you progress in the safest and most efficient manner. 
  • All these are view-able from your unique membership login (FITness Space) accessible from mobile, smart TVs, computers and tablets.

Nutritional Advice

  • Send us a picture of your taken food or text us, and we will provide real-time advice of the quality of your food.
  • No Email, Skype or setting up appointment with your trainer. 
  • No more calories counting but gradual behavioural change towards your daily food choices.
  • You are not required to undergo stringent, rigid and crash diets.
  • During the journey, you will learn to pick the best foods that are beneficial towards your health and fitness goal
  • Raise better awareness of your food choices and share relevant tips with your friends and family


  • Your dedicated coach will be by your side, motivating you to reach your health and fitness goals  
  • Your coach will ensure that your weekly training plans are duly fulfilled and provide you with the necessary guidance through message correspondences  
  • You  will be interating with a real certified fitness professional, not chat bots or A.I.s


  • Engaging a personal trainer in a boutique gym often cost more than SGD $80 per session (1 hr)Read more about our attractive pricing >>
  • By using this unique online platform, it removes the need of travelling and schedule planning, thereby driving down the program costs 

"Behavioral change, even though gradual, is the best way to ensure habits that last"

Hear what our members have to say


A big thank you to Alvin for recommending me this online training program. I enjoy doing all the exercises. It motivates me to focus in achieving my desired weight. My weight dropped from 81 to 75kg within 5 months of training. I also learnt the importance of choosing the right food in order to maintain a healthy diet. Kudos to FITtener.com's OPF! *

Albert Kwok

Excellent program that is not only effective but also educates its participants on health n fitness knowledge so that they can remain fit and keep those pounds away. *

Glenn Ho

* Results may vary for different individuals. Program is also not meant for treating any medical conditions.